Sunday, January 18, 2009

Carnival Commences

The Mardi Gras season is fast approaching which means more people and more parties. This is a very enjoyable new orleans tradition whether you are a local or a visitor. What can turn an enjoyable time into a nightmare is carelessness. If you are a local, you are aware of the dangers and mishaps. For first time or infrequent visitors, just a few common sense actions can keep you happy and safe. Don't carry any valuables, Don't go anywhere you are not familiar with or that seems "out of the way", don't give anyone on the street money for nothing and do not walk around alone (staying sober or at least halfway also helps) Many people come to New Orleans and think that we are all drunken, lazy, slobs, but we are decent people just like everyone else. While we may look the other way in some cases, we still do not appreciate having our properties vandalized (this includes urinated or vomited on!) So, if you are a visitor whether regularly or first time, please respect our old city and enjoy it responsibly. below I will post links for some tours that I have enjoyed as a local. They are safe, organized and reasonably priced.

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