Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's Carnival Time

As much as I would like to write a detailed, definitive history of Carnival, alas most of what I know is myth and I have been a willing participant all these years. I have enjoyed the parades and festivities as far back as I can remember...and I'm getting old....The highlights are the marching bands that really get your blood flowing and the massive floats, full of lights and masked riders. I have always loved the flambeaux carriers and the way that Mardi Gras bonds people from all over the world. The negative aspects...well, getting pelted in the face with too many beads, people getting excessively drunk, no toilets and nasty parade walkers that think you will kiss them for a fake flower! Ugh. I will pass the torch so to speak on the history by referring you to some websites that offer a nice overview of carnival....I also want to comment on the rich African traditions that often go unmentioned included in the Mardi Gras celebrations. Everywhere you look you will see them, from the Zulu coconuts to the skull and bones. Visit the links below to get an idea, meanwhile I am off to the parades and tomorrow I will go to church get my ashes and go to confession.
skull & bones photos charlessilver.com

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